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Jackie Soto

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

For Jackie Soto, the Future is Limitless

Jackie Soto is no stranger to facing adversity head-on, ignoring limits and breaking down barriers. Her fearless and tenacious attitude has forged her path to success, where she has gained the respect of her peers at a young age.

Notably, she established her own independent brokerage firm before the age of thirty. And earlier this year, she merged her brokerage with another Latino-broker-owned powerhouse. Today, she is the proud broker/owner of eHomes in Chino Hills, California.

When my partner and I came together in business, it was a huge priority of ours to be intentional on who we partnered with. We took the time to investigate and gather input before taking the leap. We both had offers on the table from other industry leaders. Ultimately, he and I realized that we stood for the same core values and shared a vision. I’m proud of him for going against the grain and choosing to partner with a Latina in the industry.”

However, the success didn’t come easy. “In my first five years in the industry, I hardly made any financial gains.” It was then that she realized one of her biggest life lessons: failure. “I’ve seen the growth from my failures. I wouldn’t have learned some of the harder lessons in my career had I not failed.”

She then pivoted her strategy, identified mentors, asked questions, sought education, found community and spent “a lot of time in the trenches,” she shares. “When I stopped focusing on the glitz and glamour of real estate and started to focus on making a positive impact on people’s lives through homeownership, that’s when I began to build a profitable and consistent business.”

For Soto, “being a REALTOR® means being a part of something greater than myself. As real estate practitioners, we have the ability to impact people’s livelihoods by making homeownership possible.” Servant leadership is one of Soto’s core values and real estate gives her the platform to make a difference in the lives of the clients she serves.

“I realized that I could not complain about an industry problem if I was not going to work toward a solution”

But Soto’s commitment to real estate does not stop with professional milestones and serving her clients—she uses her voice to champion positive change through organized real estate organizations. “I realized that I could not complain about an industry problem if I was not going to work toward a solution”, she emphasizes. Getting involved with her local, State and National Associations has given her a “seat at the table” and the opportunity to empower herself, her colleagues and clients.

With encouragement, she invites other REALTORS® to get involved with communities such as C.A.R.’s Latinx Professionals Network. “Just do it! If there is something you want to accomplish don't limit yourself in the form of invisible barriers. The ‘what if’s’ can paralyze you if you let them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. After all, we don’t grow in our comfort zones.”

Today, her mission is clear, “to help as many clients reach their homeownership goals as possible.” And she continues moving her limitless vision forward.

The California Association of REALTORS® proudly celebrates Jackie Soto as a Latinx industry leader.

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