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Eva Garcia

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Eva Garcia Paves Her Vision Forward

A Latina trailblazer, accomplished REALTOR®, public servant, California Association of REALTORS® Board Member and family matriarch, Eva Garcia forwards her vision of success in real estate and the Latinx community.

Garcia began her career in real estate in 1963, partnering with her husband and establishing the very first Latino-owned brokerage firm in the Sacramento region—and she’s been breaking down barriers ever since. As Garcia puts it, “We measure our success one family at a time.” For Eva, the fact that she can help someone buy a home and give them access to financial growth and security brings her enormous joy and the pride of being a REALTOR®.

Recognizing the economic impact homeownership has on individuals—particularly for marginalized communities—Garcia is motivated to share her real estate knowledge and bridge any language barriers that get in the way. Currently, our industry does not have Spanish language forms, which can be a barrier to homeownership within the Latinx community. She emphasizes, “if you speak Spanish, seek to help those in your communities that need to understand the forms and help Latinx homebuyers through the process.” Garcia affirms, “you can still effect positive change on a life-changing decision such as homeownership—and nothing compares to that satisfaction!”

Challenging the status quo, Garcia is a relentless champion for equal access to homeownership, and she’s not new to this. During the ‘70s, Garcia remembers representing a woman who worked at a local TV station with the purchase of her first house.

After submitting her file, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) called her asking if her client was married. Garcia tells us, “I said no, she is single, well qualified and she is ready to buy with her down payment and closing costs.” The man told her she needed to be married. Without hesitation, she told him, “if she doesn’t get the loan, I will see you in court.” The loan was approved and a single woman bought her first home.

"A true pioneer, Garcia’s story illustrates the importance of having a seat at the table, getting involved, using your voice to propel change and building your own narrative.”

But Garcia’s mission does not stop at the real estate industry. She also works to level out the playing field for the Latinx community by developing national organizations that offer them business and educational opportunities. Notably, Garcia and her husband chartered the Sacramento, State and National Mexican American Chamber of Commerce. Now, the chamber is nationally recognized as the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, representing more than 200 local chambers across the nation. Additionally, Garcia was appointed to the State Board of Education by Governor Jerry Brown after serving twelve years on the Board of Education.

During her fifty years of service in organized real estate, Garcia has participated on numerous committees at the local, California and National Associations of REALTORS®. In 1981, she became the first Latina President of the California State’s Women's Council of REALTORS®. Forty years later, her daughter continues to break down barriers as the second Latina to step into the same role. In 2007, she reached REALTORS® Emeritus Status—a coveted recognition only for leaders that have served for a cumulative period of forty years.

Even with naysayers telling her that because she was a Latina woman she would never succeed in business, Garcia’s leadership and legendary career is not just a personal accomplishment. It’s also an investment in the Latinx community and the innumerable people she has touched throughout her lifetime.

A true pioneer, Garcia’s story illustrates the importance of having a seat at the table, getting involved, using your voice to propel change and building your own narrative. She encourages the Latinx REALTOR® familia to engage with the REALTOR® Associations. Wondering where to start? Join C.A.R.’s Latinx Professionals Network whose mission is to amplify the voices of Latinx REALTORS® in California.

The California Association of REALTORS® proudly celebrates Eva Garcia and recognizes her as a Latinx industry trailblazer.

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